Brazilian Treatments and Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal Reconditioning was developed in the Orient with a revolutionary chemical and physical process that would create shiny straight hair devoid of frizz. It revolutionized hair straightening as it did two things traditional straightening could not achieve: Create lasting results and will not revert, and create shiny hair devoid of frizz.

The process is first a chemical solution that is applied and designed to break down the disulfide CYSTEINE bonds which is responsible for the amount of curl in ones hair. This bond is to be processed enough to break down the bond to be able to restructure the curl. This process is crucial for desired results. Then, the first solution is rinsed out of the hair. A solution that contains amino acid peptides, moisturizer and keratin is now applied on the hair and the flat ironing is started. This is another very crucial process in the treatment. If this is not done properly it will have less than desirable results and if done with poor techniques and/or lack of proper training and/or experience it could cause damage to the hair. Proper training and experience is crucial in this treatment.

As of 2010,Claude Thomas has been doing this treatment for over 12 years. We average between 3 to 10 thermal in a week.

Depending on the curl pattern of the individual the process will last 6 months to 15 months. The time difference is the amount of curl pattern of the individual. If ones hair is very curly and frizzy within a one to two inch of out growth this process will last in a general time frame of 6 months. If you have a more relaxed curl to very little curl from scalp where it gets to 4 to 6 inches of growth before curl and/or frizz starts to appear the results could be much longer (8 to 15 month frame). Limitations for this process:

  1. Hair that has been preciously straighten by harsh straightening process.
  2. Hair has to be at least 3" long.
  3. Hair can not be over processed with bleach or verydamaged hair.

The price is determined by the length and density of the individuals hair.

 Brazilian treatment or Keratin Treatment 

This method can be done on any type of hair curl and any condition of ones hair and worn hair curly devoid of frizz or straight devoid of frizz.The results will last from a 3 to 6 month frame.

We have 3 different strengths to create the best result for each individuals type of hair and desired styling.

Limitations: NONE Pricing is determined by length and density

Rusk Anti-Curl

This is a gentle traditional straightening system by Rusk. Price is determined by length and density.


  1. Hair that has been preciously straighten by harsh straightening process.
  2. Hair can not be over processed with bleach or very damaged hair.