Makeovers in Kildeer, IL

Our lives are constantly changing and also our bodies are changing as time passes. Makeovers are what we do to adapt to those changes. Makeovers are not just changing our looks by hair and makeup or improving our body and face image by plastic surgery but also include things like watching our weight (dieting), keeping ourselves active, working out, eating right, developing our mind, and keeping ourselves focused on the real things of value like family, friends and being the best person we can be. All of these factors are basically makeovers we do to adapt to our changes in our life. If you’re in Palatine, Arlington Heights, Cook County, or Inverness, IL, contact us at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa for a new makeover, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup application, and more.


Who is a great Candidate for a Make Over?

  • Looking tired and older than you think you should look.
  • Feel like you are in a rut.
  • Like the way you look but feel you need a little change.
  • Feel like you need more confidence and self-esteem.
  • Had some weight loss and/or plastic surgery and need to have a look to reflect the new changes
  • Have not changed your look in 5 years.
  • Have not changed your look in 10 years or more…

What can a Make Over do for you?

  • Will make you feel excited about yourself again
  • Feel more confident
  • Feel more energetic and motivated
  • Feel younger and re-invigorated
  • Help to motivate you to either lose weight and/ or start or maintain your exercise program.