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How Long To Wait Between Hair Color Appointments

March 29, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether or not you got the result you were looking for with your last hair appointment, one of the first things you likely did once you were out of the chair was search ‘when to get my next hair appointment.’ As you’ve probably found, that’s a very common question with a longer answer than you might expect. How Long Should I Wait Between Hair Appointments? The truth is that this isn’t one right answer to that question. Instead, the answer depends on what sort of treatment you’ve just had done, how much maintenance you’re looking for with your new style... View Article

Let’s Talk SPF & Sunscreen: Best Practices from a Spa in Palatine, IL

January 29, 2018 3:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It is a well-known fact that long-term exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause long-lasting damage to your skin. Without adequate protection, you put your skin at risk of sunburn, discoloration, scarring, wrinkles and even skin cancer. This is why applying sunscreen is so critical year-round. We’re sure you’ve heard about the importance of sunscreen, but many people don’t actually understand the science behind SPF and sunscreen. SPF, or sun protection factor, is essentially the measurement by which your sunscreen will reflect UVB rays off your skin. Read on to help you learn more about the role of SPF... View Article

What You Should Know About Microneedling: The Latest Trend for Facials in Palatine, IL

January 21, 2018 3:49 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Skin care techniques date back hundreds of years, with many men and women desiring to age beautifully and remove signs of wrinkles, scars and discoloration on their skin. From laser treatments to peels, there are many ways to combat aging skin. One of the newest and most popular methods, though, is called microneedling. At Claude Thomas Salon & Spa, we keep up with the latest trends for facials in Palatine, IL and have grown to love the microneedling technique. This method is not only natural, but also extremely effective. If you’re interested in reducing signs of wrinkles, scarring or other... View Article

How To Select The Perfect Salon/Spa For Your Employment

January 17, 2018 8:11 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you are NOT happy where you are at now, and you feel you can do better and would like to work at a great place and in turn be a much happier person….please keep reading. Take a few minutes of your time to read this report…and it could save you from making a bad choice, and months or even years of unnecessary aggravation, struggles, and suffering. Once you are done reading this report you will then have the tools and strategies you need to “get the right job for you”, and ultimately be a much happier person. Are You... View Article

Hair Extensions: The Skinny and The Scary

January 17, 2018 5:18 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

THE SKINNY I cannot say enough about this subject. Hair extensions are a field of their own. A stylist by being a stylist does not make them qualified for being a hair extensionist. In the field of extensions there are about thirty methods of hair extensions, and easily about five hundred and growing manufacturers. Within the methods there are lots of companies and lots of them have poor quality. To be a creditable “Extensionist” one has to sort out the good from the bad. This takes time, effort, research, testing on models, and did I say lots and lots of... View Article