If you’re thinking of lightening up your hair for summer, know your options before taking the plunge. We all love that sun-kissed look, but with some hair dyeing techniques, the risk of hair damage might be too high. Not to mention all the upkeep that’s needed! Before booking your appointment for hair color in Palatine, IL, make sure the salon you’ve chosen has a dye specialist on staff. Here’s what you need to know before going blonde.

Blonde Hair Requires Upkeep

Depending on how dark your natural hair color is and how quickly your hair grows, you will likely need to make a trip to the hair salon in Palatine, IL every few weeks. For some people, this is no big deal. However, for others, they simply can’t be bothered. Know what you’re in for before you take the plunge.

Getting Your Desired Shade Can Take a While

Going blonde is often done in baby steps, and it can take several appointments before the shade you want comes through. Each time the hair is dyed, it will get lighter; however, if you’re looking to get that white-blonde look and your hair is naturally brown, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t appear right away.

Your Hair Will Need Extra Care

Bleaching the hair weakens the strands and can make your once-soft locks turn into a brittle, straw-like mess. To counteract this, you will have to treat yourself to regular deep conditioning treatments or hydrating hair masks. Additionally, you will need to use different shampoos and conditioners that won’t turn your new blonde look dull, but will actually help maintain its color in between trips to the salon. Your usual hair products, even those that are for dyed hair, just won’t do anymore.

Ask for a Hair Bonding Additive

To avoid drying out and damaging your hair, ask your colorist to use a hair bonding additive during your next appointment. This solution helps to protect your hair during the dyeing process, keeping it healthy and soft. Using a bonding additive like pH-Bonder will make it much easier for you to restore your hair after each coloring touch-up, and can ultimately save you time and money on deep conditioning products.

Request a Glaze

After you’ve gone blonde, you’ll want to do anything you can to help maintain your color for as long as possible. A glaze is a non-peroxide solution used to treat the hair and ensure you are able to achieve the shade of blonde you’re looking for. What makes a glaze an essential addition to your salon visit is that it helps to seal in your hair color for an additional four to six weeks.

Your Makeup Will Need Updating

If you’re making the drastic change from dark to blonde, then you’ll likely need to change how you do your makeup. Colors that looked great with your red or brown hair will seem far too dark and heavy once you’ve gone blonde. Keep this in mind if you’re on a tight budget!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and change your hair color in Palatine, IL, schedule your appointment with our blonde color specialists at Claude Thomas Salon & Spa. Our 100 percent no-risk guarantee will ensure you walk out our doors satisfied with your new look. Don’t hesitate to call and schedule your appointment!

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