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Along with our commitment to hair we are just as
committed to our spa services and skin care making Claude Thomas a full service salon and Spa.

Microdermabrasion is the delivery of minuet crystals to the surface of the skin. The combination of skin exfoliation and the slight suction stimulates the production of new skin cell growth at the core level and creates more collagen production. Best done in a series of 4 to 6 treatments. The cost is more if more areas are to be treated.
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Starts at $125 to $200 Per session



This treatment uses 30% to 40% (Physician Strength)Glycolic Acid which resurfaces the epidermal layers of the skin. This process eliminates all dead skin cell and closes the skin’s pores. The best results are done in a series of 4 to 6 treatments.
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Cost $90 To $140 Per session


LED's stimulate the release of ATP (Adenosine TriPhoshate – fuel for our cells) which prompts an increase in cell metabolism, a key factor in rejuvenating and repairing the skin at a cellular level. Best results are in a series of 4 to 6 treatments.
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Cost $75 to $150


Take the glycolic peel to the next level by combining a few extra treatments. It will even out skin tones, remove all dirt in pores and re-grows collagen.
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Cost $150 to $200


Acts as the same as Botox without the Needles and have the benefits of a facial with the treatment. Recommended 4 to 6 treatments for maximum benefits. Recommended 4 to 6 treatments for maximum benefits.
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Cost $160 Per session


This treatment is an advanced, non-invasive
approach to skin toning and body toning.
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Price is $75 To $150


This treatment uses (RF) Radio frequency current to treat skin.
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Price is determined by treatment areas.
Price is $55 to $155



Eliminates the puffiness and dark discoloration (dark circles) underneath the eyes.
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Maximum benefit with a series of 4 treatments Cost $60.  


Air brush Makeup- $60 and up
Makeup Lesson w/Complimentary Samples- $65
Makeup Application – $50 and up

The two week eyelash extension $80 to $125
The 4 to 6 week eyelash extensions 190 to $250

Eyelash Perming– $90
Eyelash Tinting
– $65
Eyebrow Tinting
– $15 Click here for more info.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



Customized Facial

This facial is designed just for you and your individual needs of your skin. With BioElements we are able to add additives to our facials to address all the needs that your skin and body chemistry needs.
Cost $95 and up

Oxygen Facial
This facial has the ability to put much needed oxygen in your skin. This creates the ability of your skin to have a vast improved circulation and decreases large pores.
Cost $120

Collagen Facial
This facial will restore collagen back into your skin, creating a much more youthful look and healthier looking skin.
Cost $ 100 to $120

Enzyme Facial
Enzymes are essential for healthy and youthful skin. It will even out uneven skin tones, pigment discoloration. Restores sun damaged skin.
Cost $120

Four Layer Facial
This is literally four (4) facials rolled up into one facial. HYDRATING…DETOXIFING…DEEPCLEANSING ANTI-AGING
Cost $ 130

24 Karat Gold Facial
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$100 To $150  



Oli-Slim Body Wrap
This wrap will take off inches with each treatment. It reduces and eliminates cellulite. 4 to 6 body wraps for maximum results.
Cost $100 to $120 per treatment

Mud Therapy Body Wrap
Detoxifies the body of toxins and free radicals to purify internal organs, your blood and your skin.
Cost $100 To $120 per treatment

Sea Salt Scrub Body Wrap
This Wrap Uses Natures Sea Salt and Sugar to deep exfoliate your skin, leaving your body soft, subtle, and healthy glowing skin.
Cost $100 To $120 Per treatment

Herbology Body Wrap
This Wrap uses Herbs to purify the entire bodies systems and the skin. Giving you a healthy glow, sense of well being and soft and subtle skin.
Cost $100 to $120 Per treatment  





Brow Shaping – $30 and up 
Brow cleanup
– $20 and up
Lip – $12
Facial areas
– $20 to $30
Under Arms
– $35
– Half $35 / Full $55
– Half $55 / Full $85
– $55 and up
Chest and Stomach
– $50 and up
– $40 and up 

Brazilian – $70 and up

Check with our Front Desk, Esthetician, Claude Thomas Staff and our web site for any new services and/or treatment that we have to offer.

We at Claude Thomas are constantly updating and researching new services and products to offer our clients